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Urban Mixed-use
Retail Environments
Leisure and Hospitality
100% Places for People

Concept Development

After 20 years working in a multi-disciplinary environment we are convinced that feasible, innovative and appropriate concepts can only be developed with teamwork. ONE.GO structures, prioritizes and synthesizes insights and ideas from all stakeholders to form a coherent concept.

Concept Design

Translating the ambitions from the Concept and the constraints from the Feasibility into a tangible project. Volumetrics, typologies, logistics, circulation etc. combined with  non-spatial parameters such as target group, staging/phasing, planning or stakeholder expectations result in sketches, diagrams, plans, 3d visualisations or reference images.

Feasibility Studies

Combining both the ‘hard’ and the ‘soft’ data and translating this in easy to communicate diagrams or sketches facilitates the decision making process in the early phases of project (re) development.

Retail Master Planning

We believe that retail master planning is all about connections. From neighbourhood centre to urban street or inner city mall; circulation, permeability, exploration and surprise go hand in hand to create successful shopping environments for customers, retailers and investors.

Appraisals and Second Opinions

Radical change of direction or careful fine-tuning needed? Having been involved with many different projects in different stages of development ONE.GO is trained to appraise and evaluate your plans quickly and efficiently.

Design Development and Management

Our track record proves that conscious design development followed by professional design management not only streamlines this process but also ensures the translation accurately expresses what you originally intended.

Creating great concepts that prove themselves in real life is all about cooperating with the right people. ONE.GO is proud to be working with leading developers, investors, retailers and consultants across Europe

Our creativity coupled with solid commercial knowledge translates conceptual ideas into realistic projects


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