ONE.GO supports clients with strategic design input to optimise the impact of buildings and public space throughout the development process.

Does the proposed design still reflect the ambitions defined in the beginning? How do small changes affect the overall concept? Does the completed product fully represent the core values of the development concept you promised?
In a complex development process, it is easy to get off-track with the design. ONE.GO’s strategic design services ensure a smoother design development process. Representing the client, we provide design input to the architect and optimize proposed design solutions.

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Appraisals and second opinions.

With projects being reconsidered as a result of changed market conditions, we are often approached by developers and investors to appraise the original plans. In other cases, a second set of eyes to look over a scheme is requested to optimize and rationalize. Radical change of direction or careful fine-tuning needed? Having been involved with many different projects in different stages of development ONE.GO is trained to appraise and evaluate your plans quickly and efficiently.

Retail Master Planning.

We believe that retail master planning is all about connections. Defining how shopping areas connect to the city, how different functions connect to their community, how shops, bars and caf├ęs connect to public spaces and of course how retailers connect to their customers and vice versa.<br /> Focusing on these connections we work on master plans that bring spaces and people together. From neighbourhood centre to urban street or inner-city mall; circulation, permeability, exploration and surprise go hand in hand to create successful shopping environments for customers, retailers and investors.

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