We create concepts that resonate on an emotional level and at the same time solve genuine problems for your clients and their clients. Our approach combines a big dose of creativity with knowledge and understanding of the development process, user behaviour, and design, which together act as a foundation for all our projects.



We take a people approach when working on your projects. Our research, inspiration sessions and workshops provide the fundament to make informed decisions that are based on understanding and knowledge rather than guess work. This includes analysing precedents, context, and data, but more importantly understanding how people use the city of today and tomorrow and which are the developments that will influence future choices.



Examples of deliverables:

Context analyses, GIS research, precedent evaluation, customer journey mapping, user viewpoints, inspiration seminars and workshops.

Development Concepts


We help you define the direction ahead. Our approach to concepting is nonlinear and iterative, and – like everything else we do – based on the design thinking methodology “empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test”. This allows our thoughts and ideas to be tested and optimised at an early stage, which in turn leads to relevant results more in line with your goals and your project objectives.



Examples of deliverables:

Ambition and vision documents, storytelling, precedent selection, volumetric feasibility, programmatic concept, program feasibility, preliminary (urban) models, and sketches.

Strategic Design


We create distinct and logical designs that reflect the aims and ambitions of the development concept. Our strategic design services frequently form the basis on which developers start their conversations with stakeholders and ultimately help to define the brief to urban designers and architects. This integrated approach to commissioning design services supports your communication and creates stronger projects in a shorter time.



Examples of deliverables:

Urban or architectural models and sketches, diagrams illustrating volumetrics, typologies, logistics and circulation, floor plans, area schedules and 3D visualisations.

Design Management


Over 20 years of experience in managing design processes means we know what it takes to push a design forward. From organising architect selection procedures at the start to delivering detailed input during the subsequent stages, our design management services ensure your aims and ambitions are translated into physical designs in the most optimal way.



Examples of deliverables:

Organising architect selections, brief writing, alternatives studies, optimisation studies, appraisals, designer coordination, municipality liaison, quality team member, coordination of visualisations, and renders.

Development does not happen in isolation

– but in collaboration

Good relationships make us happy!

We flourish when we get to team up with our clients, and where possible with the end users. We are proud to work with some of the leading developers, designers and consultants in The Netherlands and Europe.