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About This Project

With 225,000 m², Oosterdokseiland is one of the largest inner-city projects in Western Europe. The last available plot on the island will accommodate a social hub, specifically designed to stimulate encounters. It includes a total of 72,500 sqm, with public amenities, apartments, and office space ‘an urban campus’ for Booking.com.


ONE.GO worked with the developer on the initial concepts for a large-scale development on the last plot of ODE and worked with the municipality on the changes to the zoning plan required to make this possible.


Our services included: feasibility studies, zoning plan adjustments, architect selection procedure, design management for the public space, Hoogbouweffectrapportage.



Key facts:

140.000 sqm mixed-use development including apartments for starters and students, a 1600 seat musical theatre, multiple leisure units, offices and co-working places, Food & Beverage and hotel.



BPD development



Designers and consultants:

UN Studio

Agence Ter